Monday, September 22, 2008

House Parties

So I joined this site called and entered to host different parties that I thought would be fun. I just found out that they chose me as one of the hosts for the Green Living party! I'm really excited because Green Works is going to be sending me a bunch of stuff for my party that I can showcase and giveaway (or keep for myself). Every party has free products, samples, party favors, etc that a company sends you to advertise for them by using them at your party. One person said they hosted a Toy party and Matel sent them $300 worth of toys! She kept one toy that her daughter loved and gave the rest away to the people who attended her party. I'm not exactly sure what Green Works is going to send me, I received an email that gave me details but I can't access my email at the moment. I'm assuming it is going to be their cleaning products and some info on how to live green. I will give you all an update after my party which will be on Oct 4. I might even keep one of the products they give me to giveaway to you so keep checking back!

Here's my party blog at click here

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