Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Getting Started with Coupons

Coupon experts Kim Danger, a family savings expert who consults for the Web site coupons.com and also runs her own site, mommysavers.com, and Erin Gifford, a working mother of three who in her spare time writes a blog called couponcravings.com, offer these tips on shopping smarter using coupons:

Start small. It can be overwhelming to try to clip every coupon. And just cut out the coupons you know you will use.

Organize your coupons, either by expiration date or by sections in the store, to save time.

Start a "price book" and track what everyday prices are at each of the stores where you shop.

Start a separate e-mail account just for coupons. Then, sign up for free or promotional trials. Often, they will send you a coupon.

Check manufacturers’ or brand Web sites in addition to newspaper and other printed sources.

Search blogs and other Web sites for coupons and saving ideas. Some clipping sites allow you to buy coupons.

Try to track when stores have double or triple coupons. Keep tabs on which stores limit the amount you can double. Some stores have a 50 cent limit.

Keep track of store rebates. Some stores allow you to apply for rebates off their Web site, so keep your receipts.

Use coupons against things that are already on sale to maximize savings. If something is already on sale as "buy one, get one free," you can still use an additional coupon for that transaction.

Tally your savings to reinforce the practice.

My tips:
Don't forget to pair manufacturer's coupons with store coupons for extra savings.

Read blogs written by people who have already done the work for you. MoneySavingMom finds great deals at Walmart and lets you know exactly what coupons would be useful! She updates her info every week!

Happy Shopping!

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