Thursday, October 30, 2008

Earn Money Reading Emails

Hits4Pay is a website that allows you to earn money reading emails. Heres how it works. Once you sign up, they give you a $10 sign on bonus. Then, they will send you an email that says there are paid emails waiting for you. You go and login to the Hits4Pay site and each 'email' is actually an advertisement for a company. You click to view the ad and after about ten seconds of watching the ad you are paid 2 cents and you have the option to go to the next ad. They don't send too many emails to my inbox, maybe once a week I get an email that says I need to login to the site and read my ads. It's a slow process of making money but it does pay and it's not hard to do. You are able to cash out after reaching $25. It's worth a try. I'm going to stick with for a few months and see how much I can make. Has anybody had any experience with getting paid to read emails? Are there other sights that pay better or have more emails to read?


CTgirlinKS said...

I was wondering how this is working for you?
I found your blog by reading comments at Freebies4Mom.

. said...

It's been slow going. 2cents an ad seems to be a really good rate but the company only has about 7 ads a week for me to read. Thats 14 cents a week. It only takes about 10 minutes to get through 7 ads however and I do it while watching TV or other things online so it's not much work at all. I'm going to keep at it til I reach $25 since it doesn't take much extra work on my part to do it. Let me know if you have any other questions.