Monday, October 6, 2008

House Party Update

I had my Green Works House Party on Sat and it was really fun. Although I didn't get the good party package with all the freebies, I did receive $5 off Brita coupons and wildflower seed packets. I was really disappointed that my $5 Brita coupons didn't come in the mail sooner because my local Fred Meyer was selling the Brita pitchers for under $5! I could have gotten 20 free pitchers to give away. I had my guests bring something from home that they didn't use anymore so that we could all go "shopping" from our piles. So instead of old things being thrown away, they are new to someone again. I also gave everyone a reuseable shopping bag to put their goodies in, along with an article on how to be greener.

Recently, House Party contacted me and told me that I will be hosting the Warriors In Pink party sponsored by Ford for breast cancer awareness. I'm getting the bigger party package for this and I am excited to have my friends over to watch an episode of Kath and Kim on Oct 16 that is supposed to be about breast cancer. I am pretty sure I will have Warriors In Pink party favors left over so I am thinking about compiling them and giving them away on my blog.

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Nicoleigh said...

I too hosted a Living Green house party. It was a great time, and I love the Green Works cleaners. So it was great for me. I signed up for the WIP house party....but didn't get selected. So please sign me up for your freebie deal!

nicoleigh at hotmail dot com