Tuesday, March 31, 2009

House Party Still Works!

I was starting to lose faith in HouseParty.com because I am never picked to be a host anymore! I have hosted 3 parties in the past and have gotten tons of free products but lately, nothing. Until today! I am hosting the Clairol house party and I am so excited because I have been thinking that I really want to color my hair. Here is what will be in the party package: Your party pakage will contain: * 1 Host Letter * 7 Brochures about clairol products * 7 Coupons for free hair color * 1 Coupons for free hair color * 7 Pantene sachets * 1 Olay Regenerist Tube * 1 Always Infinity * 7 6 x 9 Color Source sample * 7 El Camino Coupon Booklets * 7 Aussie hair spray * Venus Razors * 7 Color Seal Gloss * 7 Oral Care Bundle.

Pretty cool. I will most likely have leftover goodies so check back to see my giveaways. Also, I've learned that some of this stuff sells well on Ebay and Craigslist so don't give up on House Party. It's worth it to keep registering to be a host.

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